What is Zoomator?

Zoomator is a system of remote control for the injection molding machines and plastic molds. We are developing the concept of "transparent factory" to enable you to control your production from any place in the world. Zoomator makes a record of every product made and sends it to the online server accurate within a split second. It identifies automatically when and what plastic molds were used on each injection molding machine. You can get a detailed report about the performance of any machine or mold during any period of time (last hour or last year) in any web browser. The report can also be sent to your email.

How the data of injection molding machine and plastic mold is sent to the server?

A special electronic device - Hickey is installed on each IMM, and a small radio tag is attached to the mould. Hickey identifies the mold, collects the data from sensors and sends it online to the cloud server. A wi-fi router is used for synchronization with server in the workshop. No staff and no special efforts are needed to use this function. Human factor is excluded.

What useful information will I get?

Zoomator is created for managers and business owners as a way to have key information for making management decisions always and in a convenient way. The service is still developing and it can be tuned according to your needs for getting any data useful to you. We can define them based on the first data collected. Here are examples of indicators that Zoomator displays (for more information read our blog):
  • the current performance of each IMM and each mould in real time;
  • the actual load of each piece of equipment;
  • loss of productivity due to malfunctions and downtime;
  • the time schedule of the installed moulds on the injection molding machines and their performance;
  • cycle stability graph and analytics of compliance with the established cycle time range;
  • total and average power consumption per cycle and per hour;
  • analysis of the pace of implementation of production plans and real-time, signaling the probability of failure of the plan;
  • Daily e-mail reports with key equipment performance indicators.

With what IMM and plastic mold brands can Zoomator be used?

Zoomator is independent and self-sufficient. It can be used with an IMM of any brand and any generation, and any controller. The same is about the plastic molds.

What is next?

We regularly publish the development history and current development plans for Zoomator in the blog.


Please, help us create a really top-class and useful service! Our goal is to help you earn more increasing efficiency step by step. We believe that Zoomator will help you to sleep quietly and to enjoy yourself more often.