Monitoring for any injection molding machines and moulds

online monitoring
for any injection molding machines and moulds

What is Zoomator

The Zoomator is a tool for key executives and business owners. We focus on managerial and economic indicators (not technological), such as electricity consumption, productivity, equipment malfunctions and downtime.
Zoomator is a continuous data collection, monitoring and analysis of the efficiency of injection molding machines and moulds. Zoomator is universal and compatible with any injection molding machines and injection moulds.
On the injection molding machine electronic unit Gizmo installed with an electric meter and a closure sensor, and each mould is equipped with a RFID tag for its identification. The system is fully automated and operates without human intervention.
Data from production is continuously fed to the Zoomator cloud server and stored in a secure database. The client does not need any infrastructure except a Wi-Fi router connected to the Internet. To view, you need only the Internet and a web browser.
To notice the inefficiency, it is not necessary to be a professional technologist, accountant or to be on duty around the clock at the enterprise. It is enough to have reliable performance indicators in a convenient form before your eyes.
Zoomator is a cheap and easy to use system. Until June 1, 2020 there is a beta test and special conditions for early customers. Contact us to find out about the cost and terms of cooperation.
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What benefits does the client receive

Reliable cost accounting
For each IMM and each mould, the average specific energy consumption per product, per cycle, per hour is automatically calculated. Separate data collection allows you to compare the energy efficiency of different injection molding machines and moulds.
Energy loss control
Sometimes the machine does not produce products for several hours, but it is turned on and the heating of the material cylinder continues to consume electricity. This happens more often than we think. You will see the real volume of losses for any interval: day, month, year, or for the entire life of the injection molding machine.
Failure and downtime visualization
Long change of moulds, late start of the working day, smoke breaks and tea ceremonies. You will find out how much these rituals cost to you, in hours and in units of non-manufactured products. Perhaps you do not need another injection molding machine, but just replace a few negligent workers.
Monitoring violations of the established mode
Do workers sometimes accelerate cycle time at night and on weekends to increase production to the detriment of product quality and equipment life? Adjusters do not use to the full all the capabilities of modern injection molding machines, even when the plan is on fire? Now you do not need to listen to excuses that the electricity was turned off at night or a meteorite fell somewhere nearby. You will clearly see if the esteblished range of the working cycle was observed every minute and every second of working time.
Online production monitoring
You don't need to go to the workshop or use a whiteboard with markers to find out which machines work and what products are manufactured. It is enough to hang a common screen in the production department and those responsible will see a reliable picture online. Having gone on vacation and having a smartphone or tablet on hand, you will be aware of everything that happens in the workplace.
Improving discipline of workers
Even the dummy camcorder increases the involvement of personnel in production activities. Using Zoomator, employees understand that you not only observe the work process, but also see their activities from the inside: every product manufactured and every working fail. You can also include new indicators in the KPI system.
Analysis of the rate of implementation of production plans (function under development)
Display the status of the plan in real time. Earlier signaling about the probability of a plan breakdown.
Service Planning
How to organize a system of preventive maintenance for injection molding machines and, especially, for moulds working on different machines? Often the only available option is calendar maintenance: once a month, quarter, year, etc. Zoomator can determine the necessary scheduled work, based on the actual output in hours or in clamps.

How to use system

Why Zoomator

Suitable for any injection molding machines and moulds. Neither the IMM brand, nor the generation, type and manufacturer of the controller are important.
The entire workflow takes place without human intervention, whether it is reading, sending, processing, storage or output of data.
Accessible from any device connected to the Internet. Laptop, tablet or phone - Zoomator works equally well on any screen.
Zoomator interface is simple. You will quickly understand how it works. Nothing extra!
Zoomator stores the time of each clamp with an accuracy of 0.25 seconds. The error of energy consumption measurements is not more than 0.5%.
Automatically generate reports and send to your email. Zoomator will remind of itself. Every day, week, month.
Zoomator has an endless history, and the absolute flexibility of choosing an interval in increments of one minute.
Zoomator store and processes data in the cloud. Access to information is available only to the account owner. Client data is not available even to system developers.
We need your feedback. Each function of the Zoomator arose from the user experience and the wishes of our friends and customers.

How does it work

It is an electronic data collection and transmission unit that we have developed and are manufacturing specifically for the Zoomator system. Suitable for any injection molding machine. Supply voltage 24V. Continuously polls the status of the clamp sensor and electric meter. It is connected to the I/O pin of the clamp sensor via opto-isolation and does not affect the operation of the injection molding machine. To transfer data to the server uses a Wi-Fi network (should be in the coverage area). Equipped with a RFID reader, with which the installed mould is automatically detected. The case is waterproof.
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RFID tag
Mini radio transmitter in a waterproof case. Attaches to the surface of the mold. Equipped with a replaceable high capacity lithium battery, CR2477. Using the BLE 5.0 standard, it saves battery power (battery life up to 8 years). Battery status is monitored and displayed in the system. A pair of RFID tag and reader interacts using their own protocol, which is protected both from tag exchange and from signals from other BLE devices that work nearby.
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Electric meter
Standard three-phase electric meter Mercury (model 236 ART-03 PQRS). It can be purchased by the client both from us and from third-party suppliers. Interacts with Gizmo on the RS-485 interface. Must be equipped with three current transformers (the rating of the transformers is selected according to the power of the IMM).
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How much is it

The idea behind the Zoomator project is to make information available and remain itself accessible. Beta users get special partnership conditions. Call us for more details.


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